The terrace glazing systems offered by us benefit from a 7 year warranty *

* only for projects in Bucharest

Sliding glass systems for glazing terrace

The sliding glass systems for closing the terraces allow the use of the closed surface throughout the year, offering protection against both weather and noise pollution, while allowing the space to open completely.
For the residential segment, the sliding GlassPro SCSterrace glazing systems are suitable both in the case of villas or houses provided with a terrace, as well as for partitions or interior delimitations, allowing a natural and pleasant passage between the delimited spaces.


Advantages of the GlassPro SCS sliding system for terrace glazing

The GlassPro SCS glass sliding system is recommended especially in the case of the residential segment, where the terraces must first of all be protected from the weather during the cold season or in the case of occasional storms.

A main advantage of the GlassPro SCS system is the very small size of the lower threshold (7 mm), which means that in the open position of the system, the terrace will look like before its installation. Also, the GlassPro SCS system is recommended for indoor commercial spaces.



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  • Regardless of the nature of the project, measurements, design, and assembly are free.
  • The warranty for the terrace and balcony glazing systems offered by GlassPro is 7 years.
  • Prices are set and may vary depending on configuration and design.
  • In order to be able to send a first quotation, please have the approximate dimensions ready.
  • There are no fixed prices per square meter.
  • The GlassPro SCS glass sliding system is composed of aluminum profiles on the entire contour of the gap;
  • The support of the glass and the sliding of the glass panels are made by means of rollers at the base of the system;
  • Because it is supported in the lower part, it offers the advantage that the upper part from which the system will be attached must not be a resistance element of the building (beam, concrete slab, etc.);
  • The glass panels slide in parallel; the parking is done on one of the ends of the panel occupying the width of a single panel;
  • The sliding glass panels do not occupy from inside the terrace, but slide strictly in the closing direction;
  • All parts, profiles and accessories are stainless, durable and require very little maintenance;
  • 8 mm thick safety glass is used for heights below 2.1 m and 10 mm thick safety glass is used for heights between 2.1 m and 2.5 m (optional: 10 mm glass and for H <2.1 m);
  • The sliding glass system has no apparent profiles in height, the only visible profiles being those on the contour of the terrace and only optional between the glass panels for a tighter closure;
  • The glass sheets are provided with 2 rollers with bearings / glass panel;
  • The glass panels can be opened in one or two points depending on the client’s desire, but also on the design solution proposed by a GlassPro engineer;
  • 5 or 3 glass / end panels can be opened depending on the type of rail used, resulting in 6 or 10 panels with a maximum width of 1000 mm;
  • A major advantage is energy saving, our glazing system offering a buffer chamber for the transfer of temperature from outside to inside (both winter and summer);
  • It is a 95% transparent system;
  • There is the possibility of ventilating the enclosed space without the risk of flooding the terrace during rain by simply detaching the silicone gaskets between the glass panels;
  • The profiles can be painted in any color belonging to the RAL code summing up a total number of 205 colors (glossy or matte), the painting being done in electrostatic field, the procedure by which the life of the painted surfaces becomes very long;
  • Quiet – the GlassPro glazing system is ideal for crowded urban areas because it reduces background noise by up to 25 dB;
  • Resistance – Both the aluminum from which it is made, and the safety glass used are extremely resistant elements over time, requiring very little maintenance;
  • Hygienic – A closed terrace with such a system is much cleaner, and can even be a playground for children (dust and rain being stopped by the system);
  • The GlassPro SCS sliding system for glazing the terrace can be provided with a locking system;
  • The systems are CE, ISO 9001 and ISO 140001 certified, EN 12150-2: 2004.

The systems with sliding glass panels for closing the terrace use safety glass and are designed and tested at a wind speed of 150 km / h, the test result being excellent both in the case of sliding glass panels and in the case of the fixing system.

– 25 kg / sqm with 8 mm glass
– 30 kg / sqm with 10 mm glass

Sound insulation -25db



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