For any sliding glass system for closing the balcony, GlassPro offers a 7-year warranty *

* only for projects in Bucharest

The benefits of a glazing system with sliding windows for the balcony

The balcony glazing system offered by GlassPro is designed in such a way that by sliding, the glass panels fold in one direction, or in both, like an accordion. The glass panel system for the balcony is based on an easy sliding process, which involves simple movements. Another advantage of sliding glass balcony closing systems is the ease with which the windows can be washed from inside the balcony, on both sides.


Sliding glass systems for balcony glazing

Closing the balcony with the help of the sliding glass system is a modern solution, as it does not have vertical profiles (frame). The system is ideal in the case of residential complexes, or in the case of villa-type constructions where the closure of the PVC balcony would change the general appearance of the building. The glass sheets are independent and slide completely. If you need a durable and easy to handle and maintain system for your balcony, contact us now! For any sliding glass system for closing the balcony, GlassPro offers a 7-year warranty!



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Information about balcony glazing systems

  • Regardless of the nature of the project, measurements, design, and assembly are free.
  • The warranty for the terrace and balcony glazing offered by GlassPro is 7 years.
  • Prices are set and may vary depending on configuration and design.
  • In order to be able to send a first quotation, please have the approximate dimensions ready.
  • There are no fixed prices per square meter.
  • Glass Type: 8 mm or 10 mm thick (depending on height)
  • Color: Transparent *, sandblasted, tinted (smoky, bronze, green, blue)
  • Property: Secure *
  • Profile: Aluminum profiles and rods
  • Color: Matt anodized aluminum * or electrostatically painted in any color from the standard RAL palette [chosen for measurements together with the GlassPro technical representative]
  • Accessories: Sliding rollers and protective accessories (gaskets)
  • Maximum height: 2800 mm
  • Warranty: 7 years

* Standard configuration

Sliding glass systems for balcony glazing are innovative solutions for the protection of open spaces.
As they do not have vertical profiles in their composition, they are ideal for residential districts as the sliding systems do not change the facade of the building.
Ideal both for standard (straight) balconies, but also for atypical constructions.
The glass sheets are independent and slide completely.
The sliding glass systems allow the use of the closed surface throughout the year and offer protection against the weather.
It does not offer thermal insulation close to what PVC joinery offers, having different configurations and features.
The additional profile for water drainage applied on the inside is specially created for the situation where there may be accumulations of water or condensation;
All parts, profiles and accessories are stainless, durable and require very little maintenance;
8 mm safety glass is used for heights below 2.1 m and 10 mm thick safety glass for heights between 2.1 m and 2.5 m (optional 10 mm glass and for H <2.1 m);
There are no apparent profiles in height, the only profiles are on the contour of the balcony;
4 double rollers with bearings / glass sheet = 8 rollers with bearings / glass sheet;
The weight is distributed both in the upper part and in the lower part, through the double rollers and the profile created especially in this way;
Unlimited opening methods on angles of any degree, round, straight (loggia type), etc .;
Glass sheets can be gathered in one, two or more segments depending on the customer’s desire and taking into account the design solution proposed by GlassPro engineers;
A maximum of 7 sheets of glass per segment can be opened;
Energy saving / cost reduction – closing the balcony with our system offering a buffer chamber for the transfer of temperature from outside to inside (both winter and summer);
The sliding glass system for balcony glazing is 95% transparent;
There is the possibility of ventilating the enclosed space without the risk of flooding the balcony during rain by simply detaching the silicone gaskets between the glass sheets;
The profiles can be painted in any color from the RAL code, summing up a total number of 205 colors (glossy or matte), the painting is done in electrostatic field, the procedure which results in a very long life of the painted surfaces;
Quiet – is ideal for cities because it reduces background noise by up to 25 dB;
Resistance – both the aluminum from which it is made, and the safety glass used are extremely resistant over time and require very little maintenance;
Safety – An enclosed balcony with such a system is much safer for children, and can be used as a playground (dust and rain are stopped by the system);
The systems are CE, ISO 9001 and ISO 140001 certified, EN 12150-2: 2004.
  • Open the first sheet of glass normally, at an angle of 90 °, the next sheets will slide towards it and open in the same way;
  • You can opt for double opening: in this case the glass sheets will slide on both sides (for long lengths, the openings will be multiple)
  • The system can be used for both straight and corner balconies;
  • The glass used is 8 mm or 10 mm thick and is secure (increased resistance to shocks);
  • For good maintenance, use classic cleaning solutions and avoid sharp objects;
  • Glass sheets can be cleaned efficiently by vertical movements of the object to be cleaned, and at the bottom of them by horizontal movements;
  • Aluminum profiles can be cleaned with a damp cloth, an easy cleaning solution will be used.


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